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  • Paganini: Centone di Sonate Vol. 1

    Paganini's sonatas 1 û 6 performed by Norbert Kraft (guitar) and Moshe Hammer (Violin).

    SKU: GMR3019
    including VAT20

  • Paganini: Centone di Sonate Vol. 2

    Paganini's sonatas 7 - 12 performed by Norbert Kraft (guitar) and Moshe Hammer (Violin).

    SKU: GMR3020
    including VAT20

  • Pájaros de Primavera

    For solo guitar.

    SKU: AM1971

  • Pasillao Inmortal

    Twelve Latin American pieces, titles are: 'Milonga', 'Pasillo Ecuatoriano', 'Sanjuanito' (Cardoso), 'Sossito', 'Dorinda' (Pazmiño), 'Atahualpa' (Bonilla), 'Cristalino' (Salinas), 'Reir Llorando' (Ortiz), 'Sombras' (Brito), 'Canta Cuando me Ausente' (Hidrobo), , 'Alfonsina el Mar' (Ramirez/Cardoso), 'Danza del Altiplano' (Brouwer).

    SKU: GMR2183
    including VAT20

  • Pentatonic Khancepts

    In this book, Steve takes a potentially very complex subject, the creation of new, different, and creative melodies, and shows how using two very simple, and very guitaristic pentatonic scales, you can unleash an inexhaustible supply of new colors and ideas. A CD containing most of the music examples, plus numerous play-along tracks is included.

    SKU: AM3756

  • Perfect Pitch Method

    Perfect pitch – also called absolute pitch – has been a source of endless fascination for hundreds of years. The ability to recognize musical tones with no reference is often viewed as a kind of magical power, a gift that only a select few musicians are born with, a skill that cannot be learned. But perfect pitch is largely a misunderstood pheno...

    SKU: AM5392

  • Phat-tone Pick Standard 3pcs

    Phat-ToneDesigned specifically for bass players!Phat-Tone was designed to provide bass players the feel and tone your fingers produce. It is a dual durometer (hardness) guitar pick having a soft outer rubber with a ridged inner core. The rubber replicates your skin, while the ridged inner core provides a fa...

    including VAT20

  • Philippe Bertaud on the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos

    As hosted by guitarist Philippe Bertaud, this musical instruction film teaches viewers how to play guitar in the unique, complex style of Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Through the use of frequent close-ups and split screen, Bertaud covers such areas as voicing control, arpeggio speed, chord shifting, and scale enhancements.

    SKU: DVD553
    including VAT20

  • Pickin' Over The Speed Limit

    This Songbook brings the World of Rock N' Roll together with the banjo instrument and is meant for all fans, players and pickers from far and wide. Pickin' Over The Speed Limit's great rock arrangements say "There isn't anything the guitar can do that The Banjo can't do better!" The song arrangement's and Todd Taylor's lightening style of playin...

    SKU: AM5033

  • Picktac Pick Adhesive Dots 50pcs

    PicktacAn easy, no mess solution for gripping any guitar pick.PickTac is the perfect solution to your pick gripping troubles. Just peel one side of the clear acetate and stick the adhesive dot to your favourite pick. Then peel off the other side of the adhesive. You will instantly have a grip that will not ...

    including VAT20

  • Pickups - Windings and magnets…and the Guitar Became Electric

    For the first time a book for all guitar collectors about the history of the pickups for electric guitar, from the first experiments to the development of the classic models conceived for Rickenbacker, Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Danelectro, Epiphone, up to today's handcrafted replacement models, with an overview of Japanese and European manufactur...

    SKU: AM4388

  • Pieza Sin Titulo No. 1

    Leo Brouwer - Piece without title No. 1

    SKU: AM4772
    £1.39 save 1%

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