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Rito y Geografica Del Cante: Complete

Rito y Geografica Del Cante: Complete
ALGA Editores, S. L.


Author Various
Format Video
Publisher ALGA Editores, S. L.
Departments Books
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The title of this book evokes the celebrated television program which was broadcast at the beginning of the seventies. It does not fit the traditional pattern of books on flamenco. It is more of a guide, a real introduction to the history of the cante jondo for the beginners, as well as a delight for the initiated, due to its articles and photographs.

Enjoy these unique images of the great masters, most of whom are already gone; professionals or amateurs who knew how to preserve the purest essence of the cante. Watch Mairena, Caracol, Beni de Cádiz, Pericón de Cádiz, Pepe de la Matrona, Joselero de Morón, El Gallina, El Perrate, La Piriñaca, El Borrico, Pepe Marchena, Camarón, etc.

/>"Rito y Geografía del Cante", a series broadcasted by TVE (Spanish Television) between 1971 and 1973, has been considered by all specialists, and such a fact is mentioned in stories of flamenco, as the best program on flamenco ever produced by television.
/>In the approximately two years it lasted, under the direction of Mario Gómez and the collaboration and advice of the most prestigious flamenco experts, the series reached all geographies of flamenco, including those different from Andalucía, where this art, local and universal at the same time, disseminated along the years.
/>The program, which collected testimonies of old cantaores, (many of them anonymous, others already famous) was a real blessing, for it began at a time when the great flamenco neighbourhoods or main zones (Triana, Cádiz, Jerez and its district of Santiago) were being wiped out of their traditional, gypsy way of life, due to the changes which took place in Spain during the 60's and the influence of the media, the change of habits, etc.
/>Therefore, these recordings arrived miraculously to save the memory of a life, which in a good measure was hopelessly lost. The films, always guided by José María Velázquez's intelligent curiosity and comments, track down the last traditional places in which flamenco was 'made': taverns, family houses, colmaos or sales. And they collect the last artistic testimonies of many cantaores (singers) who soon after or even, in some cases, before the program dedicated to them was broadcasted, were dead.
/>It is the case of Juan Talega or Manolo Caracol, among others. But today, more than 30 years after its broadcast, a good part of the artists who were protagonists of these videos are no longer with us, so it is impossible to have their image. Tía Anica la Piriñaca, El Beni de Cadiz, Diego el del Gastor, Antonio Piñana Padre, Cam de la Isla, are some of those who, already turned into a myth, are dead. Now these videos recover their image, while they sing or speak about their cante. So it is possible to see an Atonio Mairena dancing by bulerías; Tía Anica scolding some young people (no less than Manuel Sordera or 'that...'Camirón', what's his name...'); Juan Talega fighting to death while singing a tonß, maybe the last of his life; Tomás Torre talking about his father; Fernanda and Bernarda de Utrera, celebrating at home and praying to the Virgin; the Perrates, uncle and mother to El Lebrijano. But also a very young and talkative Camarón; a Menese at seedtime, or at his beginnings in Madrid; a five-year-old Macanita, singing and dancing to Paula; an almost adolescent Remedios Amaya. In addition, monographic chapters dedicated to great thematic questions, like the relationship of Falla and Lorca with flamenco, the guitar, the festivals, the woman in the cante, the gypsies, etc. You are in the presence of a genuine collection of 'incunabula', an authentic history of images of flamenco of the most ancient matter. A unique history, already lost forever.
/>Titles which make up this collection
/>RITO01to y geografía del Cante y el Flamenco
/>RITO02 Cantos primitivos sin guitarra - Tonas - Saetas
/>RITO03 Seguiriyas I - Seguiriyas II- Por Seguiriyas
/>RITO04 Manuel Torre y Antonio Chacon - Pepe Marchena
/>RITO05 Difusión del flamenco - Los Cabales
/>RITO06 Del café cantante al Tablao - Falla y el flamenco - García Lorca y el Flamenco
/>RITO07 La familia Pinini - L os Torre - La familia de los Perrate
/>RITO08 El Perrate - La Perrata - El Lebrijano
/>RITO09 Triana - El Barrio de Santiago - Cádiz y los puertos - De Sanl·car a La Línea
/>RITO10 La Piriñaca - El Borrico - La Paquera
/>RITO11 Romances - Tangos y tientos - Cante gitano con intérprete gitano - Fernanda y Bernarda de Utrera
/>RITO12 Antonio Mairena - La casa de los Mairena
/>RITO13 Caracol I - Caracol II
/>RITO14 Soleares I - Soleares II - Oliver de Triana
/>RITO15 La Serranía - De Ronda a Malaga - Malagueñas
/>RITO16 De Granada a La Union - Malaga y Levante
/>RITO17 Fernando Terremoto - Agujetas - Sordera
/>RITO18 Pepe de la Matrona - Joselero de Morón - El Gallina (Rafael Romero)
/>RITO19 Fosforito - Chocolate - Menese
/>RITO20 El fandango - El fandango natural - Fandangos de Huelva
/>RITO21 Cantes flamencos importados - Cantes procedentes del folclore - Extremadura y Portugal
/>RITO22 La Llave del cante - Niños cantaores - La Cantaora
/>RITO23 Pericón de Cádiz - El Beni de Cádiz - La Perla de Cádiz
/>RITO24 Guitarra flamenca - Melchor de Marchena - Diego del Gastor - Paco de Lucía
/>RITO25 Villancicos - Fiesta gitana por bulerías - Fiesta gitana por Tangos
/>RITO26 Viejos cantaores - Festival del cante - Camarón de la Isla - Enrique Morente.

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